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It’s ironic that the south and western end of Haiti escaped the quake of 2010, but now have been devastated by driving rain and sustained 145mph winds that screamed for 12 hours.  If it wasn’t concrete, it’s gone.  Matthew left behind no roofs, trees, or gardens.  Our Haitian brothers and sisters are again suffering beyond understanding.
Last week Bishop David Bard appealed to us to help Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew through UMCOR’S Disaster Relief Advance # 982450. 
The Heartland District Outreach/Missions Team would like to offer two additional options for the opportunity to give directly to Jeremie, Haiti.
  1. Terrie Eisenmann has been leading UMVIM teams to that area since 2003 with Heartland District and conference support.  She returns with a team in a few months to repair and rebuild Mrs. Edy’s orphanage that was finally completed just last February.  The 23 children survived as well as Mrs. Edy and her family, but there is much work to do.  Orphanage, kitchen and toilet all need new roofs.  The security wall did a good job of holding back most of the water, but it is damaged.  The new security gate needs replacing.  Solar panels are ruined, all electrical gone, and hurricane shutters damaged.  Mattresses for bunk beds will need replacing.  Donations can be sent by check to:  Faith UMC, 833 S. First St., Edmore, MI 48829, memo line HAITI.  Or you can donate on-line: http://edmorefaithumc.com/ (click on MENU, DONATE, and HAITI SPECIAL PROJECTS)
  1. The Jeremie Haiti Project is an established and committed group of folks that have been supporting the Jeremie area for years by sending in many teams.  Terrie knows these people personally.  They already have people on the ground.  Check out their website:  Jeremie Haiti Project at www.haitijeremieproject.org.  You can easily donate on-line. They will be sending shipping containers to Jeremie over the next few months.  Attached here is a list of disaster relief items you can provide.  Pastor Mike Reigler has established Faith UMC, 833 S. First St., Edmore, MI 48829 as a collection site for these items.
Terrie Eisenmann would be very happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this information.  Please call her at (989) 418-8999.