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Church Conferences

June 25, 2015

General Info on Forms:

Church Conference forms for 2015 are now available!  Sorry for the delay, but we were waiting on a new website as the Conference works on creating a MI Area website which will also (eventually) include a new Conference database and statistics system (linked to EZRA).  Here's the link to use for forms...


Notice they are organized by whom is intended to complete them.

The "SPRC Evaluation of Pastor" and "Clergy Self-Assessment" have some minor changes to them from last year's version.  The only brand-new form this year is the "Pastor's Annual ABC Check Up" form from the WMC Treasurer's Office.  This form is not intended to be a "must-have" form, but rather a source of helpful reminders.

1 on 1 Schedules:

Remember, the Heartland now has 5 supervising DSs with 5 different schedules.  Many of you have already heard from me regarding your 1 on 1 dates & times, so you should be good to go.  If you have not heard from me, it is because your supervising DS has not provided me with dates for scheduling.  I will contact you as soon as I have them.  In the meantime there's no reason to put off working on your Church Conference forms! 

Required 1 on 1 Forms:

The following forms must to be in my hands via email, snail mail, or fax no later than 4 days prior to your 1 on 1 appointment.

  1. Congregation/Charge Profile
  2. Clergy Self-Assessment
  3. SPRC Evaluation of Pastor
  4. Compensation for 2016 (at least an estimate--can be changed prior to church conference)
  5. Bring Local Pastor License with you for DS Signature (if applicable)

NOTE:  I know some of you don't have a ton of time at this point to get it all these forms done.  Give me each at least in a rough draft form.  They can be changed/updated later if needed.  If submitting forms that are not final, please write "DRAFT" on the first page so we are aware that changes will be coming!  We all need to be more flexible this year with all the changes in the Heartland, and rescheduling appointments will be extremely difficult.

Church Conference Schedules:

Again, some DS schedules for Church Conference schedules have already been set, and you have heard from me directly.  Others will be contacted by me as soon as I have them.  Either way, have your leadership start working on the forms now!

Church Conference Forms:

The following Church Conference forms are the "must-haves" for 2015, and I will bug you until I get them.

  1. Compensation for 2016
  2. Membership Report
  3. Congregation/Charge Profile
  4. SPRC Evaluation of Pastor
  5. SPRC-Pastor Joint Dialogue
  6. Parsonage Inspection (if you have one)
  7. Clergy Self-Assessment
  8. Pastor Year-End Annual Report 2014
  9. Local Pastor License Signed by DS (if applicable)
  10. Motions at Church Conference
  11. Lay Servant/Lay Speaker Annual Report(s) (if you have any)
  12. Minutes from Church Conference

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE:  It will be the responsibility of each church to get final forms (with all signatures) back to me.  Please do not send a big packet with your supervising DS following your Church Conference!  Each DS will only be on-site in the Heartland District Office on average of every 5 weeks, and I don't want forms ending up in DS cars traveling around the state with the potential of inadvertently getting lost before they arrive at my desk.  Send all forms to me directly.

If you want to know, "How can you help me?", the answer is: "Be on top of all required work/requests so I can eliminate the HUGE amount of time I have to spend reminding people when they are late!"

Please let me know if you have any questions!  I'm trying really hard to over-communicate to keep everyone in-the-loop, so please let me know if I ever leave you feeling confused or out-of-the-loop.  That certainly is not my intention and am happy to address any concerns.

Thanks for your support!  Let's be a positive example of how adaptable the Heartland District can be in the face of change!

Melanie Zalewski
Administrative Assistant
Heartland District Office
1400 S. Washington
Mt. Pleasant MI 48858
989-773-5140 Phone
989-775-6599 Fax