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Are you having thoughts of traveling? Are you maybe visiting Texas for the first time? Or are you probably meeting your date at speed dating Houston events at Houston? Very well then, I have news for you.

Relationships need not be boring, traveling and visiting sites together helps to reveal who you both are to each other. You both have the chance to live the romance, aside what we read on the papers and novels or maybe watch at the cinemas, survey shows that 83% of couples who travel together still have “romance” alive in their relationships.

Also, traveling offers an opportunity for learning, so couples that travel together have a 90% chance of educating and experiencing new things together. This way, the bond grows, and all of these leads to a healthy relationship.

I’ve got these fantastic places you can visit alongside with your crush when you travel and visit Houston, make memories and live all the fun life’s got to offer.

Galveston Island State Park.

The Galveston Island State Park is a more rustic beach for a vacation; it’s just the perfect spot you could think of, was voted as one of the most adventurous places to have a picnic. With its fantastic nature trails, which offers sightings of a remarkable number of birds, and a whole lot of fishing spots. Galveston park is the perfect place to set up a tent and have that camping experience on your mind.

East Beach

Known to be the largest and most popular beaches at Texas, located in the East of Galveston. It’s the top most visited beach in the region and also allows concerts and camping.

Boca Chica Beach

It’s one of the quietest beaches in the region, its less populated, clean and beautiful. The best place for a romantic getaway, away from the bustle and hustle of the city. The beach is decorated with miles of beautiful sandy beaches, free swimming fishes and an excellent spot for board watching and kiteboarding.

Visit the Miller outdoor theatre

A perfect outdoor setting which offers free entertainment at the theatre; I’m sure this is a fun-filled opportunity you would not love to miss. The theatre is famous for its high billing performance in the city. Also, it offers free lawn services. You are free to bring your blankets or lawn chairs to have a new romantic experience at the park.

Menil Collection

Visiting the museum wouldn’t be a bad idea, so do not entirely rule it out from your schedule when traveling to Houston. The Menil museum is the best private art collection across the country. Most hard to find books are likely found at the museum, with about 17,000 sculptures, photographs, and paintings.

Mecom Fountain

Mecom fountain is an important center of attraction, and it saves as a well-known Landmark in Houston, amidst the cities heavy traffic and puzzled faces of pedestrians, this fountain unleashes a perfect calming influence in the area. Indeed a great place to visit with one that is dear to your heart.